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Water Engineering

As a Civil Engineer specializing in hydraulic and hydrologic design and modelling for water-related projects, I possess extensive expertise in surface water projects and pressurized systems. My proficiency extends to various areas, including hydraulic and hydrologic modelling, flood water analysis, watershed delineation, river channelization, erosion control, small hydro power plants, water supply systems, and waste and stormwater collection systems. Additionally, I am well-versed in preparing tendering documentation, revising and controlling technical documentation.

With over eleven years of experience, I have worked in various capacities, including as a consultant, design engineer, and associate design engineer, contributing to diverse projects and studies within the field. Furthermore, I have gained valuable experience as a computer systems designer and analyst for a duration of five years.

Throughout my career, I have remained dedicated to advancing water-related engineering solutions and delivering high-quality outcomes. My experience in both hydraulic and hydrologic design, coupled with my expertise in computer systems, allows me to contribute effectively to a wide range of projects and challenges within the engineering domain. I am committed to utilizing innovative approaches and leveraging my extensive knowledge to make a positive impact on water-related projects and improve infrastructure and sustainable practices.

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My Services

Hydraulic Design and Modelling

Hydraulic analysis and modelling on piping systems for water supply, drainage and wastewater systems, river and channel flow. Design on manholes, gutters, storm drains, tanks, inlets, outlets, culvert and other structures.

Hydrologic Design and Modelling

Hydrological analysis and modelling on precipitation and surface flow quantities, flood water analysis with specific return period, water evapotranspiration and infiltration in connection with soil classification, watershed delineation and other related analysis.

Water Resources Engineering

As-built, preliminary design and main design of hydraulic structures, reservoir and water supply systems, sewerage and rain collecting systems, drainage systems, small hydro power plants, channel design, river channelization and erosion control.

Tender Documentation

Tender documentation and technical project documentation, bill of quantities, project financial and budget allocation.

Computer Programs

AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, ARCGIS, QGIS, TauDEM, HEC-GeoHMS, HEC-GeoRAS, SWMM, EPANET, HY-8, SWAT+, DHI MIKE, Microsoft Office, Google Earth, Adobe Reader, Gimp and other useful programs.

Information Technology

Installation and maintenance of software - operating systems / programs on personal and mobile computers, building main router / firewall / switch / IP camera, IOT, fiber optics - IP telephony, video surveillance, wired and wireless networks and other technologies.

My Skills

AutoCAD Civil 3D
Microsoft Office

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My Experience

  • Consultant for Wastewater Engineering


    2022 - Present

    As a Consultant working as Project Engineer and part of the team from Nicholas O'Dwyer Ltd. for Bukhara region Water Supply and Sewerage project, funded by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. This project aims to establish a centralized sewerage system and Wastewater Treatment Plants for the district centres of Gijduvan, Ramitan, Karakul, Alat, and Karaulbazar in the Bukhara region in Uzbekistan. My responsibilities include providing engineering expertise, project coordination, collaborating with stakeholders, preparing reports, designs and specifications and ensuring the project's compliance with engineering standards and environmental considerations. The implementation of this centralized sewerage system is expected to significantly improve the region's water supply and sewerage infrastructure, enhancing the quality of life for residents and contributing to the overall development of the Bukhara region. Our goal is to address sanitation challenges and create a reliable wastewater management system that meets the needs of the district centres. Through meticulous planning and project management, we aim to deliver a successful project that makes a positive impact on the communities we serve. Our commitment to excellence and innovative engineering solutions drives us forward, as we work in partnership with local authorities and the community to achieve our objectives. Together with the Nicholas O'Dwyer Ltd. team and our partners, we are determined to leave a lasting and meaningful legacy for the benefit of the Bukhara region and its inhabitants.

  • Consultant for Water Resources Engineering

    GEING Krebs und Kiefer International & others Ltd

    2015 - Present

    As a Consultant representing GEING Krebs und Kiefer International & others Ltd., I am currently working at the Ministry of Transport and Communications in the Republic of North Macedonia. My role involves participating in the implementation of a water supply, and wastewater collection project funded by the European Investment Bank. This project aims to rehabilitate, expand, or construct water supply and wastewater collection systems in various municipalities across the Republic of North Macedonia. As part of the project team, my responsibilities include preparing tender documentation, reviewing technical documentation, and handling various reports, including take-over reports, quarterly updates, project questionnaires, and other relevant project-related documents. I am committed to contributing my expertise to this important initiative, which seeks to improve water infrastructure and promote sustainable practices in the Republic of North Macedonia. The collaboration between GEING Krebs und Kiefer International & others Ltd. and the Ministry of Transport and Communications is geared towards creating positive impacts and enhancing the well-being of the communities involved.

  • Civil Engineer for Water Resources

    GEING Krebs und Kiefer International & others Ltd

    2013 - 2022

    At GEING Krebs und Kiefer International & others Ltd, I began my career as a civil engineer specializing in hydraulic engineering. Throughout my work, I have been involved in diverse projects, primarily focusing on water engineering. My responsibilities have encompassed various aspects of project design and analysis, utilizing a range of computer programs based on specific project requirements. In my role as a designer, I have contributed to numerous projects within the field of water engineering. These projects have involved hydraulic analysis and modeling of piping systems for water supply, drainage, and wastewater networks. Additionally, I have gained experience in designing hydraulic structures tailored to different purposes, ranging from small-scale hydro power plants to flood protection measures. My involvement in hydrologic modeling began during my master's thesis, where I conducted extensive research on floodwaters in the river Vardar. Following the completion of my thesis, I continued to work into hydraulic and hydrologic modeling. This involved analyzing precipitation patterns, surface flow quantities, and conducting various studies, such as future water supply assessments and the propagation of flood waves resulting from tailings dam failures. Furthermore, I have been involved in projects related to river channelization, erosion control for bridges, and facilitating rail and highway crossings. Throughout my experience, I have honed my expertise in hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, employing advanced techniques to study and analyze water-related phenomena. These skills have allowed me to contribute effectively to a wide range of projects, ensuring sound engineering solutions and mitigating potential risks. I am dedicated to continuously expanding my knowledge in the field of water engineering, staying updated on emerging technologies and industry best practices. My passion for hydraulic engineering and commitment to delivering high-quality work drive me to contribute to the success of future projects within this domain.

  • ICT

    MZT Learnica

    2010 - 2013

    As the head of information and communications technology at Mzt Learnica, my role has encompassed various responsibilities related to computer programs and operating systems. Specifically, I have been involved in the installation and maintenance of these systems on approximately 40 to 50 personal computers. In response to the growing demand for network throughput and phone numbers at Mzt Learnica, I collaborated with Mzt Energetika to establish a network link. This link enabled fiber optic VoIP telephony and internet services, which were provided by a local internet service provider. Given the sizable workforce of over 400 employees, security was a top priority. Consequently, I oversaw the installation of security systems and IP cameras to ensure comprehensive surveillance of the production facilities. For data management, I have been responsible for maintaining the Windows server and its associated services. Additionally, I implemented network-attached backup solutions to safeguard critical data and enhance data protection. Throughout my carrier at Mzt Learnica, I have remained dedicated to optimizing information and communications technology, ensuring the seamless functioning of computer systems and network infrastructure. My efforts have aimed at enhancing efficiency and security across the organization's operations.

  • System Administrator

    MZT Energetika

    2008 - 2010

    As a system administrator at Mzt Energetika, I have been responsible for the installation and maintenance of computer programs and operating systems on approximately 5 to 10 personal computers. As part of my administrative duties, I have also carried out custom firmware flashing on all compatible devices, aiming to enhance security and capabilities on the routers. Additionally, I have successfully set up internal wired and wireless networks in anticipation of the upcoming fiber optic internet and VoIP telephony services. The establishment of fiber optic VoIP telephony and internet services followed through cooperation with a local internet service provider, ensuring seamless and efficient communication solutions for the organization. Throughout my carrier as a system administrator, I have been dedicated to optimizing the organization's IT infrastructure, enhancing security, and enabling advanced communication technologies to support Mzt Energetika's operations effectively.

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